Alex has been a familiar face around Greencard as an intern over the last year, but he's making waves as an earth-scorching, swash-buckling, nun-chucking freelancer! We sat down with Alex and had the following chat:

GC:     Alex, nice to have you here today.
AA:     Nice to be here. Just like yesterday... or the day before.
GC:     So tell us, is it true you used to have dreadlocks?
AA:     That is true.
GC:     Do you ever miss them?
AA:     Sometimes. Until I realize I can wear a hat now.
GC:     Me too.
AA:     What?
GC:     I hear you're from West Virginia, what's that like?
AA:     It's hard to put into context, it's the only place I'm from.
GC:     How so?
AA:     How so what?
GC:     Ah, touché.
AA:     I don't think that's how that works.
GC:     So Alex, how tall are you?
AA:     I'm sorry. Are you going to ask any real questions?
GC:     Like what?
AA:     Like about my time at RISD, my artwork and writing, or the short I'm developing?
GC:     We can talk about those things, if you want.
AA:     This was your idea. Truthfully, I'm not all that comfortable talking about myself.
GC:     A true southern gentleman, eh?
AA:     ...

Alex is a designer, writer and producer living in New York City. He is 6'2".