Tatiana is another former intern of ours, but we couldn't hang on to her for long, and now she's a superstar in the freelancing community. Hot off the set of indie film White Girl, we sat down with Tatiana and had the following chat:

GC:     So where do you come from anyway?
TB:     South Florida slash Canada.
GC:     That's a long distance between those two places. 
TB:     Yeah.
GC:     Are you a long-distance runner?
TB:     No. I have ran in the past, but only very short distances. Very, very short.
GC:     What about other sports?
TB:     No, never. Unless you consider Tae Kwon Do a sport. But I don't.
GC:     Do you get a lot of "Da Bears?"
TB:     Yes. A lot. And I didn't really know what it meant until maybe six months ago.
GC:     Is that because you were too busy practicing Tae Kwon Do?
TB:     Sure.
GC:     Are you amazing at Tae Kwon Do?
TB:     I'm a 2nd degree black belt at it.
GC:     I had a second degree burn once. It was awful.
TB:     I leaned on a glue gun once and it melted my skin.
GC:     Wow. That sounds terrible. What else?
TB:     I write. I cook. I eat the food I cook. I like to clean.
GC:     Your parents must be very proud.
TB:     I have an older brother by two years. He goes to Harvard.
GC:     Well, that's nice too.
TB:     A lot nicer than this interview.

Tatiana is a production manager, coordinator, and 2nd degree black belt.