Adam used to be full-timer at Greencard but left under mysterious circumstances last year. Now he's back as a freelancer, so we sat him down to get the real answers to some of our burning questions:

GC:     Adam, is it true you were fired for being too cool?
AL:      Why would I be fired for being cool?
GC:     You know, if it made everyone else look less cool in comparison.
AL:      I chose to leave to pursue other interests.
GC:     Isn't that sort of the same thing?
AL:      It really isn't.
GC:     What other interests?
AL:      Music, for one.
GC:     Playing music, or just listening?
AL:      Playing, of course. I wouldn't quit my job just to listen to music.
GC:     What if your dream was to be a music critic?
AL:      It isn't.
GC:     What other interests?
AL:      Design. I primarily do freelance design work.
GC:     What's better, working full-time for Greencard, or working freelance for Greencard?
AL:      Being full-time was great, but being freelance is the best of both worlds.
GC:     Which worlds are those? Earth and what else?
AL:      No, working with great people and allowing yourself the freedom to follow your dreams.
GC:     Oh, yes, of course. Sounds like being a freelancer for Greencard is pretty darn good.
AL:      It is!
GC:     Last question: if Greencard wanted you back full-time, would you be interested?
AL:      I may not have been too cool before, but I definitely am now.

Adam is a designer and a musician with his band, Wild Leaves.