Melody is another former staffer who left the nest to fly freely, but still flutters back every now and again to say "hi," or to help others with their flying, or to produce a commercial, movie or television series. We were lucky to sit down with her recently:

GC:     Mel, que pasa?
MR:     Nada mucho.
GC:     Oof, went a little over my head there, mind if we switch back to English?
MR:     Yes, I mind.
GC:     I heard you just got back from Sundance.
MR:     Who did you hear that from?!
GC:     I don't--
MR:     --Yes. I was there with Josh Mond's new film, James White.
GC:     And are you proud of that film?
MR:     Of course, I am. I'm proud of all my work.
GC:     All of it? C'mon, you can be honest. We have a very low circulation.
MR:     I am being honest. I love making stuff. All stuff!
GC:     Good.
MR:     Great!
GC:     So what else do you get up to, when you're not working?
MR:     Reading and rereading Infinte Jest. Broadway and Beyonce dance classes.
GC:     Boring! Everyone does those things.
MR:     Well, what do you want me to say, I'm a stand-up comedian?
GC:     Are you?
MR:     Knock, knock.
GC:     Who's there?
MR:     Yo' mama.

Melody is a producer and may or may not perform stand-up comedy. She is not fluent in Spanish.