You're alone. Something's wrong but what, you can't tell. You feel something missing. Then, without warning, a flash of light, a gust of wind and then silence. A shallow mist hangs in the air carrying with it the vague odor of solder and soot. You're afraid, but you you feel better. Content. Important. You've just worked a job with Andy Eklund.

From the mean streets of Brooklyn comes a designer with an eye for authenticity, and a nose for bull$#!+, of which he is not a fan. A master of tools, a craftsman and a dry wit, Andy's art direction can currently be seen on HBO's The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, and in the feature film ExperimenterOutside of film, Andy has also been caught renovating pre-war apartments, constructing exhibits for the National Aquarium, and collaborating with artists from all walks of life.

Andy is a designer, a builder, a creator, and an enigma.