Kaitlin has only been working with us for about a year, but those 12 months have made her a nearly ubiquitous presence in the office. We call her the chain-smoker because she hops on a new job before finishing the last one, though, she does not smoke. We sat down and had a little chat:

GC:     Kaitlin, how many jobs have you done with us this year alone?
KDC:   Too many to count.
GC:     So tell us, what's the first job you ever had?
KDC:   As an adult or as a child?
GC:     You worked as a child? Sounds terrible.
KDC:   I was 13 and I worked at a local ice cream shoppe.
GC:     Swing-and-a-miss. Sounds like the best childhood ever.
KDC:   I can't complain.
GC:     What was it called, like, "Wally's" or something?
KDC:   Uh... yeah, actually. How did you know that?
GC:     Typical.
KDC:   If you say so.
GC:     So what brought you from ice cream to film?
KDC:   Well, I went through theatre first.
GC:     Naturally.
KDC:   Yes, I worked electric for Shakespeare in the Park.
GC:     Central Park?
KDC:   That's the one. And from there I transitioned into film, and eventually into production.
GC:     Sounds like your life's a pretty sweet ride. Get it, sweet ride?
KDC:   Funny.
GC:     Because of the ice cream.
KDC:   I got it.

Kaitlin is a Production Manager, Producer, Electrician and Ice Cream Aficionado.