Don't fool yourself. By the time you've spotted him, he's heard you comin' from a mile away. And watch out, because he'll take what he hears, he'll record it, and he'll turn it into a killer screenplay.

Originally from Arizona, Micah first landed on our radar as a sound mixer, but is making big splashes as a writer, and, more than that, a developer of amazing creative content. His films have taken home awards at the Tribeca Film Festival and South by Southwest, and he's just getting started. In his downtime from servicing the sound needs on feature films from the minds of other co-collaborators, he is currently developing a web series from the Obie-Award-winning theatre troupe Half-Straddle, and a biographical film about Anton Checkov.

Micah is a writer who also records sound. He is a friend of Bobst Library.