Max Allman graced us with his presence as a PA in July of 2015. Max wears multiple hats here at Greencard - Coordinator, Producer and general man about the office who "really just wants to help get things made however [he] can". Be sure to keep an eye out for The Suicide Singer and The Terrible One produced by Max and coming out in the Spring.

We were lucky to sit down with him recently:

GC:     Where are you from?
MA:     North Carolina and then Florida. 
GC:     What is your favorite food? 
MA:     Umm... Chicken and dumplings. 
GC:     What about your favorite film?
MA:    George Washington or Young Frankenstein.
GC:     Hmmm... why?
MA:    George Washington is the first movie I ever saw that was about where I came from. It was cool. 
GC:     That makes sense. What about your hobbies?
MA:    Basketball and I like cooking stuff in my crockpot. And I like watching movies... and making movies... and watching basketball. Mainly watching basketball.
GC:     How long have you been playing basketball?  
MA:    Since I was 3.  
GC:     Can you really hold a basketball at the age of 3?
MA:    Yeah, there is a picture of me in Barney shoes with a basketball in my hands at the age of 3. 

Max is a Producer/Coordinator/Facilitator, Basketball Player, and Crockpot Enthusiast.


Visit Max's website.