Jennifer Sharpe

Hailing from the indie film scene in Canada, Jennifer Sharpe is a filmmaker interested in creating content with purpose and shedding light on our shared human experiences. To support her love of documentary filmmaking, Jennifer directs and produces a wide range of video content that takes her to far-away corners of the globe. 


We were lucky to sit down with her recently:

GC: So I hear you're from Canada. What's that like?

Jennifer: Its pretty great.

GC: Thats pretty in depth. So what got you into film?

Jennifer: Thats a good question. I studied fashion and I made friends in college with all the film majors and I started costume deigning and art directing their films.

GC: So do they have film in Canada?

Jennifer: They have film, tv, and internet in Canada. 

GC: Stunning! What's your favorite film?

Jennifer: I don't like this question because its hard to just pick one. But my go to answer is always the "The Shinning"

GC: Scary. What do you do outside of work?

Jennifer: Outside of work I go to the gym, I box, and I run, I sew. I also spend time time with my significant other and his son. In the summer, Im a gardner. 

GC: Have you, or have you not lived on a farm in France?

Jennifer: How do you know that!? I have lived on multiple farms throughout France. 

GC: Have you always been so stylish or do you just try hard?

Jennifer: I use to be more stylish. I don't try hard. I value comfort and functionality but want to look good at the same time. 




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