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Philip serzo

Interview by Ethan Winglass (Greencard Intern) 

This month’s segment of “Get To Know a Freelancer” features Michigan native and editor in training Phil Serzo. He has helped edit a number of videos during his time here at Greencard and continues to impress! I sat down with him recently after he gave agreed to be apart of a rapid fire interview ranging from superheroes to word association to NYC tourism suggestions.

GC: Where did you grow up?

PS: Lake Orion, Michigan


GC: Is that anywhere near UMich?

PS: Yeah it’s right down the road- I lived in Ann Arbor for a few years.


GC: Favorite childhood cartoon/show as a kid?

PS: Hey Arnold.


GC: Movie or TV series that you can quote the best?

PS: It’s between three- that are coming to mind: Billy Madison, Forrest Gump, or Good Will Hunting. Those are the ones that are on TV, well, were on TV.


GC: Favorite vacation location?

PS: OOh. I don’t really know. I don’t really take vacations.


GC: Favorite place you’ve travelled to?

PS: Favorite place I’ve travelled to… Probably the Pacific Northwest in general.


GC: Best NYC tourist spot? (Museum, statue, stadium, etc.)

PS: I think the Brooklyn Bridge. I really think the Brooklyn Bridge Park is just breathtaking. I think it’s probably the most relaxing spot in the city.


GC: Being an editor is obviously super cool, is this what you wanted to be growing up?

PS: No. I feel like I’m still an apprentice. I’ve only been editing for a year and a half- still just a student. A padawan.


GC: What’d you want to be doing when you were my age (21)?

PS: I think I wanted to be running a painting company. I owned one in college.


GC: What is your dream project? Any specific individuals, moments in history, or themes that you would like to pursue?

PS: I think the most interesting moments-- I don’t know what to really call it. Classic cowboys and Native Americans. The American frontier. I think there’s so many stories that nobody really talks about.


GC: You’re limited to one social media platform, which would you choose to keep and why?

PS: I think Twitter. Cause I don’t feel like I’m wasting 50% of my time. I don’t have Instagram or Snapchat.


GC: Favorite famous Phil? Collins, Dunphy, Mickelson, Jackson, etc.

PS: Phil from Groundhog Day.

GC: Awesome choice. Love Bill Murray.


GC: Superhero borough question: Who wins in a fight between Spiderman, Batman, and Captain America?

PS: I think Batman.

GC: Because?

PS: He’s pragmatic.

GC: He’d stay back at first and wait for his moment- okay. He’s got the best movies too.

PS: He does, those are the best superhero movies.


GC: If you were in charge of choosing one animal for the Greencard office (to be trained by interns) and then live a high quality of life in the office for the summer, what would it be and why?

PS: I think that there’s a lot to be learned by training reptiles. They’re like little kids. I think just like a few different reptiles.


GC: Alright next up is word association- I say one word and you say the first word that comes into your mind.



PS: Star Wars


GC: Dog

PS: Poodle


GC: Film-

PS: Boogie Nights


GC: New York City

PS: Box fans. In the summer at least.


GC: Greencard

PS: Chazz


GC: Incredible, last part right here. Famous movie quotes fill-in-the-blank. These should get harder as they go along although I think you’re gonna get at least a couple after what I’ve heard so far.


“Oh Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in ______ anymore.”

PS: Wizard of Oz. Oh, Kansas.


GC: “I’m the ______ of the world!”

PS: King.


GC: “I am serious. And don’t call me ________.”

PS: I don’t know.

GC: Airplane?

PS: Ahh I haven’t seen that movie.


GC: “You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery ______, to collect a bill.”


PS: I don’t know.

GC: It’s ‘clerks’.

PS: Clerks? Like the first Clerks?

GC: No. *laughter* My bad, the blank is “sent by grocery clerks.” It’s Apocalypse Now.

PS: I haven’t seen Apocalypse Now.


GC: This one could be tough.

“The dude ______, man.”

PS: Abides?

GC: The dude abides.


“Some men just want to watch the world ______.”

PS: Burn?
GC: Yup, that’s Alfred.

PS: Dude, Batman Begins is underrated.

GC: Oh absolutely. I think he’s referencing the Joker which is The Dark Knight.

PS: Oh right.


GC: “I gotta go see about a _______.”

PS: A girl.


GC: This one could be hard...

“Alright Mr. Demille, I’m ready for my _______.”

PS: Closeup.

GC: Nice!

PS: Did you get that from Sunset Boulevard or Mrs. Doubtfire?

GC: Sunset Boulevard.

PS: Oh really? It’s in Mrs. Doubtfire too.

Phil isn’t the editor we need. He’s the editor we deserve. See for yourself at his website: