Inside Amy Schumer first aired in April 2013, and in just two seasons she has covered topics such as extreme dieting, pornography, drug addiction, AIDS, and even rape in the military. Clearly this is not your average Comedy Central show. 

Standup and sketch comedy are still very much male dominated mediums, yet Schumer never shies away from her femininity. More often than not, she is ridiculing the way in which both men and women interact with one another. Neither gender is blameless for the ultimately comical way in which our society approaches sex, love, and dating. 

You can sense that a lot of her comedy stems from her real life experiences as a single woman in the big city (she resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan). While a lot of her sketches come from a very personal and subjective point of view, she uses this perspective to pull back the curtain on societal issues that affect us all. Part of her comedic mastery is that she never comes across as preachy or heavy handed, which could alienate viewers. 

But perhaps most importantly, she is consistently funny and has very few sketches that miss the mark, which is atypical of most sketch comedy shows.

The first two seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime, and the first episode of Season 3 aired on Tuesday, April 21. Watch and enjoy!

This Review by Austen Elmore

This Review by Austen Elmore