Thirty-two years after Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, Star Wars' fans finally have a movie to be excited about. 

The Force Awakens outclasses the last trilogy in just about every facet. We are quickly brought up to speed on the last thirty years within the Star Wars universe, but instead of relying on old beloved characters to get us back into the swing of things, we are reintroduced to the world through the eyes of the new characters, clearly signifying that this cast will be the focus of the new trilogy. The new cast impresses both from a character standpoint, as they are all totally unique and complex, as well as an acting standpoint. 

The tone of the film is darker than anything we have seen from Star Wars in the past, but the look and energy of the film is much closer to the originals than the last trilogy. Every aspect of the movie leaves you wanting more, which is a good thing as we will get a whole lot of Star Wars over the next decade.

This Review by Austen Elmore

This Review by Austen Elmore