Set in the near future, where mutants are all but extinct, the story follows Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and a dementia ridden Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) as they escort a speechless runaway mutant named Laura (Daphne Keen) to safety as she is being hunted by a genetics corporation.


Director James Mangold and Jackman have pulled off a very difficult feat: they made a comic book movie for adults. And it's brilliant. Drawing inspiration from the graphic novel ‘Old Man Logan’ and movies like ‘Unforgiven’ and ‘Shane’, ‘Logan’ plays more like a brutal western and is definitively the lone wolf of the saga; Isolated and dangerous. It earns its R rating not only with It’s violence (there’s a lot and it’s visceral) but with it’s themes and tone. As Logan gets forced into the role of father and son, we watch the good, bad and ugly results of what happens when people get close to him. It takes a hard look at everyone’s favorite badass mutant and we are reminded that he’s an anti-hero and a human; hence the title. 


Review by Jesse Amerding